Friday, August 22, 2008

What not to feed your Yorkie

I admit it, I am an Obsessive Overfeeder. I feed my Yorkies anything I am eating, and I am not always the healthiest eater around. However there are things you and I should never give our Yorkies. Not everything is good for them and some things can even kill them. Check with your Vet as to what to feed and not feed your Yorkies.

Here is a list of a few things you should never feed your Yorkie, no matter how much they beg! (I know those brown eyes are hard to resist)

Although bones seem like a good idea don't give your Yorkie animal bones. The chances that they can choke on them is just too much of a risk.

Yorkies are omnivores, not carnivores, and don't tolerate bones very well. They can splinter or lodge their intestinal tract and cause blockages. If you have to feed your Yorkie a bone make it a milk bone!

NO Chocolate. It is toxic and can build up in their systems and kill your Yorkie. Really "Death by Chocolate" isn't what you want!

If your Yorkie has gotten into chocolate you should contact your veterinarian immediately.

Surrobbie ate an entire family size Hersey Bar once. She might have shared a little with her brother Muffassa but not sure how much. When I got home she had been sick, both ends, all over the house. What a mess to clean up. I called the Vet and he said she should be okay since Hersey's isn't the purest of Chocolate. She was hyper for the rest of the day. Since then I have been more careful not to leave chocolate where she can find it, like in a zipped book bag. Still not sure how she got the book bag opened.

Drinking Alcohol is more fun with someone but don't include the Yorkie. They need to stay sober so they can make sure they stay out of the way when you are staggering around.

In high doses, alcohol will suppress the central nervous, respiratory and cardiac systems and can lead to death. It is best to just give your pet water.

Milk isn't a great idea for the Yorkie, and yes that includes Ice Cream. If you have to give them a special treat try Frosty Paws. They will feel like they are getting a nice treat and it is good for them.

Avoid Ham and salty foods. They can make the Yorkie bloaty and can cause injury.

Not only will onions give your Yorkie bad breath they are toxic to them. Onions contain allyl propyl disulfide, which damages their red blood cells and can cause fatal consequences in animals. Eating onions can cause your Yorkie to become anemic, weak and have breathing challenges. If your Yorkie gets a hold of an onion contact your vet immediately.

Although you may need a cup of coffee to wake up in the morning your pet doesn't. Buddy loves coffee. I can't have it anywhere near him or he will empty the cup.

It wouldn't seem like Avocados would be bad for your Yorkie but according to the research I did Avocados are on the don't feed list. It can upset their stomachs and cause them to vomit. Of course you would keep the pit away from your Yorkie as it could cause a choking hazard and is toxic to boot.

Although there isn't much my Yorkies won't eat, reasins and graps are two things they don't like. Turns out that is okay because they are not good for them and can make them really sick.

Macadamin nuts are not recommended for Yorkies either. I personally wouldn't feed my Yorkies any nuts. We had a bad situation with our Yorkie Muffassa after he ate some peanuts. They became lodged in his intestines and almost killed him.

Although I am bad about feeding my Yorkies extra, I stick with what I know to be safe and feed them high quality dog food and treats. You want them to live a long healthy life!

Love my Yorkie


St. Lucia Animal Protection Society Provides a pretty extensive list of things not to feed your Yorkie.

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