Sunday, July 6, 2008

Should Yorkies Eat Human Food


I am just going to get it out, I feed my Yorkies human food. I have since they were babies. And of course since Buddy arrived he has gotten special treats as well. I try not to over do it and I am careful of what I give them, however I don't hold much back.

So is feeding my Yorkies human food bad for them? Well first off all food is human food, or food a human would eat. I didn't say you would want to eat it I just said you could. Dog food is just food that is sold for Dogs - some of it is pretty nasty and no I wouldn't eat it and I wouldn't feed it to my fur children either.

I feed Surrobbie and Buddy Kumpi Dog Food. It is an all natural dog food created by Evy Serpa who started manufacturing the food after her beloved fur child died from Cancer. She wanted to provide a food for dogs that was delicious, nutrition and actually good for them. The fur children love it and the problem I had with Surrobbie throwing up is just about gone.

With their Kumpi I do add in some rice, leftover meat or other veggies, just to moisten it up a tad. Surrobbie and Buddy love veggies so I often add some cooked veggies into the food.

For treats they get Dog treats. They get a treat every time they come back in from going potty, which is a lot so I just give small bite size pieces.

And they get to clean the dishes and they get the last bite of everything I have.

They do eat sweets however I don't give them chocolate (not much anyway). Chocolate can kill a dog so you have to be very careful. Best not to even go there.

I know people who cook for their fur children and never give them commercial Dog Food. If you subscribe to Every Day with Rachel Ray you know that she always has a recipe in her magazine for the Fur Children, and it is one a dog or human can eat. Rachel has some animal friendly recipes on her website as well, so check it out. Also check out the Food Network TV site for recipes from Rachel's special on cooking for your Dog.

I believe everything in moderation. Because Yorkie's are so small it would be easy to create a Porky Yorky if you feed them too much (okay I do have Porky Yorkies but not as bad as they once were). You also will want to check with your Vet on what she thinks is the best food to feed your Yorkie and what types of treats are appropriate. My Vet recommended giving green beans and carrots for treats. My two love both.

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